G&B Packing Company implements FreightSnap. G&B Packing Company is a well-known leader for its one-stop-shop for Export-boxing, Crating, Packing, Air & Ocean Shipping and Freight Forwarding. Our company recently implemented an automated dimensioning solution known as the FS5000 Pallet Dimensioner in our warehouse. This new device is designed to enhance the receiving process of freight from our customers, and at the same time, enable us to expedite the shipment of cargo from our warehouse.

Our organization together with our sister company – Interglobal Forwarding Services are located next to the Global Terminal in Jersey City, New Jersey. We also offer a host of other services. These include:

  • Container Freight Station or CFS
  • Trans-loads and Container Trans-loading
  • Flat Racks, Step Decks and Double Drops
  • Heavy Lift, Cargo Projects and Hazardous Goods
  • Open Tops, Trucking and Bonded Container
  • Defense and Government Services
  • Bonded CFS and Warehousing
  • Shipping of Air and Ocean Freight

The implementation of this new system eliminates the need for by-hand measuring, weighing and photographing palletized freight, which generally can result in a host of human related errors. The FS 5000 uses the latest in 3D sensor technology, which enables it to deliver accurate measurements.

The system was customized to interface with our warehouse equipment and WMS which fitted seamlessly into our operations. This integration means that as a piece of freight is weighed, photographed and scanned by the system, the data is automatically recorded into our Inventory System and is promptly made available at line-item receiving time for our users to complete the receiving process.

In addition, the photos captured by the device are also sent directly to the repository in our Document Management System, which becomes immediately available for remote viewing by our customers.

The implementation of this system means that we can more rapidly receive cargo in our warehouse. While at the same time, the data integration allows us to quickly process and dispatch shipments through our Warehouse Management System.