G&B Packing Co., Inc. is one of the leading Export Boxing and Crating providers in the U.S., specializing in the military shipping industry needs of both U.S. & international clients for over 50 years. We handled the DEW Radar Line project for the U.S. Army during the Cold War.

Since our inception we have worked with Fortune 500 clients and Government Agencies.We are well versed in International as well as domestic operations, including crisis response. Our support for US military operations and those of our allies, has given G&B the experience to act at a moment’s notice, including on location at military bases, as required with flexible needs.

G&B holds an ISO9001-2015 Certification for Standardized Cargo Management

We ensure that delivery is made securely, on time and at a competitive price. Our customers rely on us to handle every type of cargo, to send it by any route and to pinpoint its location at any time.

G&B holds various certifications and adheres to multiple regulated compliances, such as:

G&B Packing Co, New Jersey Terminal