Different business have different needs. If you’re looking for a packing company that provides services like bonded container freight station then you have come to the right place.

Our Bonded Container Freight Station is available for de-consolidation of your bonded Ocean and Air consolidations.

Customers who would like to use our Bonded CFS must contact our Import department and request a Permit to Transfer (PTT). G&B would then arrange for the transfer of freight while in Bond, from the Port to our CFS Facility. Once the freight has been cleared by CBP, it becomes available for pickup or delivery.

What is Bonded CFS?

Container Freight Station (also known as CFS)

Container Freight Station (also known as CFS) is a bonded facility that acts as a temporary storage for freights. It is also where cargo shipments are consolidated or de-consolidated. However, this will always depend on the services provided by packing companies.

Here at G&B, we provide services that are included in Bonded Container Freight Station and with CBP Approval, such as:

Container  Freight Station - Segregation Service


Container  Freight Station - Palletization Services


Container  Freight Station - Transloading Services


Learn more about the availability of our Bonded CFS.