Packing your items whenever you needed them to be delivered can be stressful. If you’re looking for a packing company then you have come to the right place. We here at G&B Packing Company, we provide complete services that can help you pack your items and deliver them to your next location and with our cutting-edge technology and modern application, we will provide you the support needed for your packages and deliveries.

To give you more information about packing and delivery services we will dig deep into what you should look for a packing company.

Trucking service for Packing and Delivery by G&B Packing Company

What is Packing Services?

As the name suggests, packing service is a service provided to any person who is, in need of help with their items to be packed and delivered. This service usually includes boxes and materials used by professional packers who know how to pack items for safe delivery.

There are different kinds of packing services that you need to know before looking for a packing company and it all depends not just on your budget but also on your items. To provide the best service possible, G&B Packing Company offers a choice of different packing services such as:


If you require a service for your heavy-weight packages then trucking is what you should choose. We here at G&B, we ensure that your packages are safe and delivered in a timely manner without hurting your budget.

We also own and operate our own equipment and our drivers possess Hazmat endorsements and TSA certifications.

Boxing and Crating

G&B Packing Company for Boxing and Crating Services

In this type of packing service, we ensure that your items for shipment are packed using our customized crates.

In this type of packing service, we ensure that your items for shipment are packed using our customized crates. Sensitive cargo or delicate items are packed using purpose designed fillers and stands to support your packages and to protect them from movement during shipment.

G&B also provide moisture and environmental protections for items and we also have partnered with Timber Products Inspection to ensure that our wood materials are complaint with the most regulations from the National Wood Council and other regulatory agencies.

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