At G&B our systems are built on cutting-edge technology and modern application architecture to support the needs of our clients.

Apple’s iPod Touch which allows us to rapidly capture images of cargo on its arrival and its departure to ensure verifiable QC for our customers!

NSI Mobile App which support wireless transmission of images and documents to our Database Management Repository!
Symbol technologies Two Dimensional (2D) Scanners for rapid receiving in our warehouse!
SAP Business Objects to generate and transmit timely tracking reports to our customers to facilitate prudent decision-making!
License Plate recognition (LPR) and IP Cameras with High-Definition and Infrared capability to secure our facility!
Each piece of freight received is carefully barcoded to ensure the highest level of Quality Control!

Automatic Pallet Dimensioner that uses 3D sensor technology. This enables us to receive freight more rapidly in our warehouse!

G&B uses advanced GPS Technology and trucks equipped with “Live” Dash-cams to track all cargo to their destination!