Export Boxing/Crating:                                          
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Plywood  Boxes for Domestic or Export Packing & Shipping
Any Size Crates including Reusable Trade Show Crates
Meets Your Special Requirements whether for sensitive
   electronics or 5 ton industrial machinery, we can do it.
Mil-Spec Boxes for Government and DOD Contracts
Direct and Consolidation services to and from every
   destination around the globe at very competitive rates
Door to Door, Door to Airport, or Vessel Pier
Product Un-packaging & Re-packaging
Method 2 Vacuum Packing
Mil-Spec or Dangerous Goods
Handling all aspects of Storage and Transport

Ocean Containerization:                                    
Door to Door or Door to Vessel Pier
Delivery of Freight Around The World
Loading of Freight, Blocking & Bracing to prevent Shifting
   During Transport
Securing of Specialized or Oversized equipment

Air Palletization:                                    
Shrink Wrapping, Strapping & Palletization
Custom Built To Meet Your Special Needs
Delivered Daily On Our Own Air Ride Roller-Bed
   Trailers To All NYC Metro Airports
Smaller Shipments Too, We Can Consolidate
   Your Air Freight
Competitive Air Palletization Rates

Trucking & Warehousing:                                    
Inland logistical solution from/to any destination/pier
   worldwide for all types of cargo.
Warehousing and Distribution
Flatbed Trucks 
Domestic Transportation 
Heavy Haul, Heavy-lift Equipment 
Local Drayage of Containers/Flat Racks
Consolidation of Freight
Truck Brokerage for Continental United States
Tracking units in all G&B Packing Tractors

Track & Trace:                                    
Our services are provided in an automated
   environment with state-of-the-art management and
   tracking computer systems.
Fully integrated warehouse barcode system

Our careful, courteous service covers everything from a full range of documentation to firm delivery commitment at reasonable prices.

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